Conservation Science Intensive

Type of Opportunity: Internship

Date of Event/Deadline: Tuesday, March 10, 2020 -- 12:00 PM

Summary: Summer Program for High School Women

Details: "ACR's Conservation Science Intensive inspires young women to develop a stronger connection to themselves, each other, and the natural world while learning about and practicing land conservation, stewardship, nature writing, and illustration. This collaborative expeditionary program challenges participants - individually and collectively - physically, creatively, and intellectually, as they work with and learn from ACR’s highly-skilled female conservation biologists, ecologists, educators and guest artists, writers, and musicians. Daily activities include extensive time on the land, natural history skill building (tracking, botany, birding, working with maps/GPS, etc.), stewardship & conservation projects, directed journaling, solo time, team building, and group discussion, all within a framework of strong female leadership - a culture of safety, encouragement, loving kindness, and mutual respect on all levels and at all times. Dates: July 20 - 24, 2020." Applications now open! Apply by March 10, 2020. See site for more details, including application requirements, location, and dates.

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Audubon Canyon Ranch

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STEM Areas: Science